Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 1853 1326 Dot Ave

Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 1853


The house 1326 Dorchester Avenue has stood for about 140 years, pre-dating even some of the streets in the area.  Located between Linden and Ellsworth Streets on the east side of Dorchester Avenue, it has been surrounded by commercial properties for many years.  A permit in response to an application to demolish was issued on August 17th.   Applications to demolish buildings are first sent to the Boston Landmarks Commission for determination of significance.  If the staff finds that a building is significant within the terms of the demolition delay ordinance, they will begin the hearing process.  In this case, the staff determined that the building at 1326 Dorchester Avenue did not meet the criteria for significance that would warrant a full Commission hearing.  Therefore the permit to demolish was issued by Inspectional Services.


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