Dorchester Illustration 2184 McGovern Coal

Dorchester Illustration no. 2184

McGovern Coal on Geneva Avenue, circa 1940.

“Then there was the McGovern Coal Company down on Geneva Avenue. It’s interesting to know how the McGoverns got their money to go in the coal business. Well, when old Mr. McGovern and his brother came over from the old country, they went out west to get their fortune. They were panning gold and when they had enough, they started home on horseback. On the way home they got chased by Indians and they had sacks of gold across their saddles. Mr. McGovern’s brother got shot by an arrow, an Indian arrow. Well, he couldn’t do anything to save him crossing the river, so he reached over and he got his brother’s gold, and put it on his saddle, and he came home here and started in the coal business. “


Quote from John Ward in Dorchester. Boston 200 Series. (Boston, 1976)




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