Dorchester Illustration 2285 Adams Corner 1927

2285 Adams Corner 1927

Dorchester Illustration no. 2285    Adams Corner

In the late 1920s photographs were taken do document site conditions in preparation for the Southern Artery project. The project included the construction of Gallivan Boulevard from Neponset to Morton Street plus improvements along Morton Street as far as Blue Hill Avenue.  Both the Dorchester Historical Society and Historic New England own portions of this series of photographs. Just this week DHS has acquired the two photos shown as today’s illustration.  Both photos are dated November 15, 1927.

The top photo shows Adams Corner long before McDonald’s came to the corner at the right. The Ashmont Motor Co. occupies the corner on the left where Windy City Pizza is located today.

The lower photo is a 10 foot offset from the photo above. We can see the building where Gerard’s news shop and restaurant operated for many years. To the left of Ashmont Motor Co., there is a battery service store, a hardware store, a lunch shop, and bowling.


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