Dorchester Illustration 2290 Young Preacher

2290 Lorna T. Townsend preacher

Dorchester Illustration no. 2290           Young Preacher

Photograph – caption on verso: On verso: May 6, 1924. Girl Preacher Travels Dens of Moonshiners. Miss Lorna G Townsend, a pretty Dorchester, Mass, girl preacher, who, with her license in her pocket wanders among the forbidden mountain paths n the vicinity of Harlan County, Kentucky, preaching the gospel to the moonshiners without fear or favor. Her position with moonshiners has enabled her to observe the utter falldown of the prohibition act as applied to moonshine.

Born in 1897 Lorna Gertrude Townsend was the daughter of Joseph W. and Georgina A. Townsend. Joseph owned his own contracting business; by 1920 they lived at 4 Upland Avenue. The 1922 list of residents shows her occupation as stenographer.

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