Dorchester Illustration 2296 Baker Chocolate advertisement 1911

2296 Baker Chocolate advert in Country Life 1911

Dorchester Illustration no. 2296         Baker Chocolate advertisement 1911

Baker Chocolate & Co. began at Lower Mills in 1780.  By the mid-19th century they began to advertise in print.  Their adoption of the portrait of La Belle Chocolatiere as their logo in the 1880s coincided with a period of growth in national magazines.  As the quality of printing in color became widespread, Baker Chocolate consistently offered fresh illustrations for their advertisements, always including at least a silhouette of La Belle Chocolatiere.  Today’s illustration is an advertisement that appeared in Country Life in 1911, conveying in its simplicity the message that Baker’s Breakfast Cocoa contributes to a comfortable and elegant life.  The tiny print under the image of the chocolate lady reads: Registered US Pat. Office.

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