Dorchester Illustration 2298 33 Monadnock Street

2298 33 Monadnock Street

Dorchester Illustration no. 2298                       33 Monadnock Street

The land that encompasses Virgina and Monadnock Streets and the houses there was owned as one large parcel in 1874 by the heirs of Ebenezer Sumner.  The atlas of 1884 shows the streets with houses on the west side of Monadnock and on the east side of Virginia.  The house at 31/33 Monadnock Street appears among the houses on the west side of the street backing up to the railroad tracks.  The building was and is divided through the middle into two single-family attached houses.  The land area is also divided between the separate owners.

The deed from Clarence Sumner to George W. Smith is dated 1879.  In 1884 both sides were owned by G. W. Smith and in 1889, 1894, 1898 and 1904 by his heirs.  The 1910 atlas shows Wm W. Brooks et. al. Trs as the owner of both sides.  The 1918 atlas shows the owner as Bryant G. Smith & Sons Co. as the owner of both sides.  The 1933 atlas shows the owner of 31 (on the right) as S.J. & CA. D’Arcy and 33 (on the left) as C & H. F. Keenan.

It is possible that George W Smith was president of G. W. & F. Smith Iron Co. of 409 Federal Street, whose home is listed as 666 Dudley Street in the 1884 Boston Directory.

The Blue Books show that the occupants were:

1894     31 Monadnock Mr. & Mrs. F. L. Shaffner  (1894 Boston directory shows name as Frederick)

33 Monadnock Mr. & Mrs. John Fennell    (wine merchant at 161 Devonshire)


1896     31 Mr. & Mr. Salomon [sic] Bacharack, at home 2d & 4th Thursdays

(Solomon was a manager at Bergner & Engel Brewing Co, 508 Atlantic Ave)

33 Mr. & Mrs. John Fennell


1898     31 Mr. & Mrs. Salomon Bacharack [sic]

33 no entry


1900     31 no entry

33 Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Bird  (Walter was an electro plater)


1902     31 Solomon Bacharach

33 Mr. & Mrs. William L. Tuttle


1904     31 Mrs. Mary E. Decker

33 Mr. & Mrs. William L. Tuttle


1906     31 Russell E. Austin, Mrs. Asabel T. Austin, Miss Mabel R. Austin

33 Mr. & Mrs. William L. Tuttle


1908     31 no entry

33 Mr. & Mrs. William L. Tuttle


1910     31 no entry

33 Mr. & Mrs. James C. Powers

(1910 Census:

James C. Powers, 62, b. in Canada, carpenter

Catherine, his wife, 50, b. in Massachusetts

Catherine B. Powers, daughter, 23, b. Mass., stenographer at a stock broker office

Gertrude F. Powers, daughter, 18, b. Mass., stenographer in a jewelry business

Harold A. Powers, son, 17, b. Mass., apprentice plumber

Helen C. Powers, daughter, 15, b. Mass.

Frederick C. Powers, son, 13, b. Mass.


1913     31 Mrs. Mary F. Sanford

33 Mr, & Mrs. James C. Powers


1915     no entry

no entry


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