Dorchester Illustration 2319 Dome of Savin Hill and Aviation Field

2319 Postcard Dome of Savin Hill with aviation field

Dorchester Illustration no. 2319        Dome of Savin Hill

Postcard. Caption on front: Dome of Savin Hill.

Practically any scene was fair game for the creation of a post card in the early years of the 20th century, when post cards were very popular.  This post card shows the rocky crest of Savin Hill with a bit of the view toward Squantum.  This is the second example of a postcard that we have seen where the airfield at Squantum has been indicated by the later addition of an illustration of a dirigible and typed caption “Aviation Field” to indicate Squantum in the background.  This card also has a typed date Sept. 3-15, 1910.

The Harvard Boston Aero Meet was held at the Harvard Aero Field in Atlantic, MA (now Squantum) September 3 to 13, 1910. This was the first aero meet in the Eastern United States and second in the country.  Originally planned for Soldiers Field in the Allston section of Boston in August, the meet was moved to the more open area by Dorchester Bay in anticipation of large attendance.  The international contestants raced for money prizes, attracting thousands of spectators, including President Taft.

The aero meet, which drew both professional and amateur aviators from England and from the Wright Company and Curtiss Company, was a popular success with approximately 60,000 spectators attending.  The meet officially closed on September 13, but on September 14th, the Keith Theater Company of Boston engaged the meet’s star performer from England, Claude Grahame White, who made demonstration flights and also made flights with passengers who paid $500 for the privilege.

For more photos of the Harvard Boston Aero Meet of 1910 see

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