Dorchester Illustration 2321 Baker Chocolate Silos

2321 Baker Chocolate silos

Dorchester Illustration no. 2321        Baker Chocolate Silos

Eighteen large silos and a grain elevator were built in 1941 as storage, in anticipation of World War II and expected difficulties in securing cacao beans. The “Baker Chocolate” painted silos remained a landmark in the Lower Mills for four decades. The silos were never filled to capacity, and in 1987 they were demolished.

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Sweet History: Dorchester and the Chocolate Factory. Copyright The Bostonian Society, 2005.

A large grain elevator and nine pairs of concrete silos, originally located behind the Forbes Mill, stored cocoa beans for many years. The silos were built in response to the outbreak of World War II, when there was a high demand to supply chocolate rations for soldiers. Baker’s stepped up its production because “there must be no shortage of chocolate, which is a chief essential of emergency rations for an army in the field.”  The location of the silos near the Forbes Mill centralized roasting operations, simplified the manufacturing process, and saved on space and man power. The “Baker Chocolate” painted silos remained a landmark in the Lower Mills for decades. They were torn down in 1987.

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