Dorchester Illustration 2323 Tileston stoves

2323 Tileston bill head Lower Mills

Dorchester Illustration no. 2323        Tileston stoves

Charles Tileston was born in Dorchester in 1817 and died here in 1894.  He conducted a business as a tin smith, selling tin & sheet iron ware, stoves, and hot-air furnaces.

The invoice is from 1878, and the advertisement comes from the 1870 directory of Dorchester and Quincy for 1868-1869.

The illustration shows the building where he lived and ran the business.  It is still located at 1141 Washington Street at the corner of Washington and River Streets.  The building still has it s 3 bay appearance.  The first floor is still used as commercial space, although it has been altered with brick facing surrounding the windows on the first floor facade.  Notice the 2 over 2 windows in the 1870s illustration.  Today there are shutters on the second-floor windows.

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