Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 1669 Joseph Healy in Antarctic

Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 1669


Today’s illustration shows Joseph Healy in the Antarctic in 1941. 

Official photograph U.S. Antarctic Service: Bleak Ramparts of the Antarctic.  ANTARCTIC–At the foot of one of the mountains which hide secrets of the polar region, Joseph D. Healy of Dorchester, Mass., member of the United States Antarctic Expedition, halts his sled team for a rest, while exploring the area.  Note the sledge-meter wheel which records distance covered, an important instrument for polar travel.  Members of the Expedition have returned from extensive exploration.  6/7/41 

Joseph Healy was a contemporary of the Antarctic explorer Richard Byrd (1888-1957), under whose leadership he served as a member of the United States Antarctic Service Expedition, 1939-1941.  Apparently Cape Healy was named after him. The Cape is described as a prominent, square-shaped rock cape forming the N side of the entrance to Lamplugh Inlet, on the E coast of Palmer Land. Discovered by members of the U.S. Antarctic Service (USAS) who explored this coast by land and from the air in 1940. Named for Joseph D. Healy, member of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition (ByrdAE), 1933-35, and dog driver at the U.S. Antarctic Service (USAS) East Base, 1939-41.

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