Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 1704 Colonial Filling Station no 27

Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 1704


Earlier this month we saw the Colonial Filling Station on Washington Street. Today we have the Colonial Filling Station at King Square at the point between Adams Street and Neponset Avenue.  You may have to zoom in with your picture viewer.

The Beacon Oil Co. owned and operated the Colonial Filling Stations, and the construction of this station was completed in June of 1923.  The photograph by Paul J. Weber appeared in The Architectural Forum, July, 1926.   Anthony Sammarco has noted that the finial on the building and on top of the pole represent orbits.

The following is from the article accompanying the illustration: Among the many filling stations scattered throughout New England in which Colonial details have been used to make the buildings more consistent architecturally with their environment or more suggestive of the names of the companies owning them, we find this bizarre little building at Dorchester, Mass.

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  1. Corneteria says:

    We are lkoiong so forward to our visit to the exhibit at Clapp House on 2o Nov . We’ve searched for years for a photograph of Fred and this looks somewhat promising. We were fortunate enough to secure a Purple Heart with Silver Star for him five years ago. The only surviving picture is Fred, our Marine at 16 months of age. We understand there may not be information about him but look forward to seeing the histories and faces of so many brave young people.

  2. Rosanne says:

    Here is a link to google maps to see the two houses (still standing on Neponset Avenue) seen in the background of the Codman Filling Station photo.

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