Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 1708 Nathan Carruth

Dorchester Illustration of the Day no. 1708


Nathan Carruth, 1808-1888.

The following is taken from American Series of Popular Biographies. Massachusetts Edition.  Boston, 1891.

NATHAN CARRUTH, first president of the Old Colony Railroad, was born in North Brookfield, Mass., December 25, 1808, and died at his home in Dorchester, May 19, 1888.  Nathan Carruth was educated in his native town, and resided there until seventeen years old.  Coming to Boston in 1825, in the succeeding year he was employed as a clerk by a concern engaged in the West India goods trade, and he then served an apprenticeship in the drug store of Messrs. Fletcher and Carruth.  After the dissolution of that firm in 1831, he entered into partnership with his brother Francis, under the firm name of F.S. & N. Carruth.   They were associated in business for eight years, at the expiration of which time Nathan Carruth formed a copartnership with his younger brother Charles, under the firm name of N. & C. Carruth.  The latter concern had a most successful career in the drug business in Boston, covering a period of many years.

The revolutionizing of traffic made possible by the advent of steam as a motive power found a most enthusiastic supporter in Mr. Carruth, who devoted much time, energy, and capital to the introduction of railway lines in Massachusetts and other New England States.  He not only labored to promote their establishment, but after their completion he took an active interest in their welfare; and besides being the first president and general manager of the Old Colony Railroad, he was for a number of years treasurer of the Northern Railroad of New Hampshire.  He was the president of the Dorchester Gaslight Company and a director of the Mattapan Bank.  Politically, he was a Republican.  In 1847 he moved to Dorchester, laying out at great expense a most attractive estate in what is now known as Ashmont.  He resided there for the rest of his life.

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    So happ to have found this site. My hasubnd is a descendent of Israel through his son Thomas, I noticed your last name, Taylor, and was wondering if you are a descendent of William Tailor, who married Rebecca Stoughton. I am working on an historical novel and am trying to map out the Dorchester area at Israel and William’s time. I haven’t found a map yet.Hope to join the society and meet you all someday!

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