House History

For $60, a trained volunteer with the Dorchester Historical Society will provide the homeowner with two hours of research, which will focus on primary record documentation of the construction date of the house and the identity of the original owner. While we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find documentation for both, there is a strong likelihood that we can locate this information. If time allows, we will also attempt to provide documentation that responds to other questions the homeowner may have about the house. We will also provide recommendations and information about sources a homeowner may wish to pursue on their own. A report with attached documents will be provided to the homeowner.


Additional research, at $30 an hour, may be arranged to probe more deeply into the history of the house for details such as previous occupants, the architect, or changes made to the house or the property over time. A written report will be provided to the homeowner to document the research and its findings. Every house has a story and every story is unique, so the quantity of information will vary, but in every case, DHS volunteers will delve deeply into all available resources to provide the very best result.  

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