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Dorchester Veterans

In 2017, in honor of the centennial commemoration of the end of World War I, the Dorchester Historical Society began work on a project to document the lives of Dorchester's World War I service members. Starting with a collection of photographs and index cards kept by Dr. Nathaniel Perkins, a doctor who worked for the local draft board, volunteers began the project. In 2019, the Society received a grant from the Massachusetts State Historical Records Advisory Board to continue the project and make the research available online.

The database below is the result of an ongoing effort by volunteers to document these service members. The names included in the database were taken from the Massachusetts Adjutant General's lists of compiled service members as well as their service records. Biographies were written by volunteers as well as paid consultants who used primary source documents and newspaper articles from a variety of databases. As we relied solely on these documentary records, we welcome any additional information from friends or family of the service members. 

Read more about the project in The Dorchester Reporter.

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