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Dorchester: A Compendium

Dorchester: A Compendium


A few miles south of Boston, along the Neponset River, the small town of Dorchester grew from an industrial center into a thriving and inclusive neighborhood. This suburban community's booming population is supported by a network of railroads, streetcars and transit that has eased transportation in and out of Boston. The neighborhood has had many important residents, including Dr. James Baker, who supplied financial support to a local chocolate business that later became the Baker Chocolate Company, and Lucy Stone, an influential activist for women's rights and abolition. Noted historian Anthony Mitchell Sammarco compiles these and other insightful selections from his column in the Dorchester Community News, chronicling the rich and ever-evolving history of Dorchester.

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    From Arcadia Publishing: 

    Anthony Mitchell Sammarco is a noted historian and author of over sixty books on Boston, its neighborhoods and surrounding cities and towns. He lectures widely on the history and development of his native city.

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